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Welcome to Midnight Spike, the home of Midnight's fan fiction. Here you will find the stories that I've written based on the television shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Bones.

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Evermore by midnight (Adults only)
To kill a demon, the have to find a bonded vampire.
Spoilers: BtVS s...

To Belong and To Love by midnight (Adults only)
Instead of Buffy and Angel finding each other, Angel finds Willow when he c...

Who I Want by midnight (Over 13)
A different twist on the episode Reptile Boy....

Starting Over by midnight (Adults only)
Spike moves into a new apartment building. No vampires. No demons. Au hum...

The Role of a Sire by midnight (All/Anyone)
Spike is being annoying and Angel feels he needs a reminder.

Things Unsaid by midnight (Over 13)
Things that happen when there are things unsaid.
Disclaimer: Don't s...

Time Doesn't Change Things by midnight (Adults only)
A moment between Spike and Angel.
Disclaimer: Don't sue. I don't own...

When The Darkness Fades by midnight (All/Anyone)
A different sort of ending for the last episode of Angel

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